Signed a 2021 Acura RDX Base

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2021 Acura RDX
MSRP: $41,725
Selling Price:$37,606.73
Monthly Payment: $400
Drive-Off Amount: $1917.50 + $400 first month ($2321.50)
Annual Mileage:annual: 12,000
Incentives:$1500 ($1000 conquest/$500 college grad)
Leasehackr Score:8

I couldn’t get the numbers in exact in the calculator but after shopping around at 2 other dealers I was happy. If any of you will have any negative comments please keep it to yourself as I am happy with my deal and just sharing my numbers for anyone considering an Acura RDX. One thing I did realize is that RDX’s are not leasing that well but this is what I really wanted as a masters graduate gift to myself. I also want to say thanks to all the Leasehackr’s on here that gave me advice prior.

The others dealers numbers were: yes msrp is a little more but I did not want to do $3k das.

$415 a month
$3000 DAS

$391 a month

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How much in direct to dealer incentive is included in the sales price?

It says $1500 on the contract if you’d like I can send you the contract privately I would rather not share it in here.

I was actually looking for a way to tag you to thank you, because you were a very big help!

Enjoy your new ride and congrats! Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you!

The contract will list the direct to consumer incentives, but not the direct to dealer ones. They get included in the sales price. You would need to back out the amount you got from edmunds.

it looks like you literally took my posted numbers and then went ahead and paid $400 more.

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I see yeah, I wouldn’t know how to figure that out now.

Hey I didn’t take your numbers buddy, I did my research on Edmunds and true car to come to terms on numbers.

What did Edmunds say the incentives were?

Checking now it said $500, I see what your saying the contract has the manufacturer contributions not dealer I got it.

edmunds is completely useless when it comes to acura. they had the wrong 00215 MF for 2 years when it was 00225.

then i guess you should have. would have saved yourself 400 bucks lol

I appreciate it buddy thanks, I know you offered your help and I really appreciate it. I was also turning in my Honda Lease so I felt like maybe I should deal with the dealer directly.

Is $500 the wrong direct to dealer incentives amount here?

all good. any acura dealer is actually allowed to take back a honda. i returned a customer’s CRV for an MDX this week and the dealer actually cut my customer a check for his lease return b/c it had equity in it and he bought it out.

From what I checked online guys it looks like the incentives were conquest, graduate and I think loyalty which I did not qualify for. In regards to the $500 I honestly thought that was inaccurate I’m not going to lie.

Ahh I see that’s awesome. Again thanks so much for all of your advice :slight_smile: I mean if I know anyone in the future who does not want to deal with the dealer I would be more than happy to refer them to you :slight_smile:

It’s just crazy how 2 vehicles from the same brand, my TLX msrp was $47,775 sign and drive, no drive offs no first month payment, $464 (with $652 heated steering wheel added on) and you’re paying $400 a month with $2300 at signing for $40k msrp. This is just nuts how in demand the market is for these crossovers.

Can you post pictures of the RDX?

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