Signed $385/month $0 DAS - 2018 Cadillac CTS 2.0T Luxury AWD

Nice deal!

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E-Signed this:

Does it mean that I can still get the Costco rebate when I go in to sign the papers?

If they have drawn up all the papers, they will likely balk at redoing them. If all you have signed is an estimate, then there is no reason they should not add the $500 Costco incentive to the rebates.

Either way, it does not cost them any money, so there is no reason for them not to add it.

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I wonder if this can be replicated in California?

I am sure this is a better car than the 450 a month Camry XSE? thoughts?


Rebates and incentives might be different but I think it can be replicated, considering that I was able to get the same deal on 2 different cars at 2 different dealerships in the Mid-west region

But but but, it doesn’t have that special red leather interior.


What dealership did you get this from?

Was about to ask you for clarification on $345/mo. I came up with $399/mo based on the numbers in the OP.

I think he needs to update his post…He signed for $399

Its $399/mo with only first months payment DAS.
I went for $2000 DAS (Includes Tax 7%, Acq Fee and Doc Fee) which brings the monthly payment to $345/mo

Updated the post to say $345/mo with $2000 DAS. Thanks for pointing that out!

You better clarify with the dealer. I don’t see how you get $345/mo with $2K DAS. It is $399/mo with tax + fees DAS based on your numbers and $43,932 Net Cap, unless I’m missing something.

Net cap ($43,932) - RV 54% ($29,694) = $14,237
36 payments = $14,237 / 36 = $395.48

Please tell me if I am calculating this wrong?

Yes, my bad. Did not realize that Net cap included taxes and fees after reading your original post about $2,000 DAS. I do get $399/mo with all in.

I’m within a couple bucks of you, so you’re good.

Edit: The bear beat me.

Use the “smart” calculator with no surprises :slight_smile:

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I never knew about that calc until recently. I built a spreadsheet to plug #s into a few years ago…not as good as your boy Delta’s I’m sure. :joy:

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$395.48 and throw in the Rent Charge from the MF of 0.00006 and should be at $399

I didn’t have your DMV/Lic fees, so I guesstimated.