Signed 21 Durango GT Plus awd 499/mo $4k DAS


Signed a 2021 Durango GT plus awd
39 month/10k miles (msrp was about $50,500)
I foujd only about 6 octane red with performance hood, couldn’t find any with the better tech packages but this was look the wife wanted.
They had a bunch of lease incentives this month and also got loyaltu for owning a Jeep.
$499/month + $20 for lease protection covers any exterior or interior damges and wheels too, never purchased this before on a lease.
Just had to pay 1st mon + dmv pretty much paid just under 1k upfront.
I also used my 19 infiniti qx60 luxe awd that had 1 payment left, was low mileage 19k but had some damage on rear passenger door (scrape down to metal), also had an accident. I tried all the places that bought cars but everything came back under the payoff. The dealer gave me 3k above payoff, so I ran with it. Im sure I could get it down to about 450/mo if I tried but wanted to get rid of the infiniti without putting down on a new lease.
Let me know how i did. Dealer was south shore cdjr in 5 towns, ny.

So $3k down to get a 499 payment? Can you post the contract?

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Yep pretty much 3k to get the 499.
I’ll post it in a bit.
When i signed papers I signed a paper for infiniti going to honda of new rochelle so they sold it already lol.

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enjoy the truck :slight_smile:

Nice truck enjoy!

Nice amount of rebates. At MSRP this might not be a bad option for a 3 row suv in this market.

Man that’s a big rent charge… And on a 2021. Not a deal I would do but it’s a nice truck … enjoy.

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Durangos are underrated.

Next time get her the Hellcat!

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i already have a trackhawk, she didnt want the hellcat, pretty much wanted the performance hood with octane red, couldn’t find many built in the tri state area found about 5, its missing blind spot and acc/fcw but we can live with that.
I still would like to get one since its a 1 yr run.
Planned to sell my TH since i was getting pretty much what I paid for it with 30k miles on it. But since they’re done in 2 years I’ll be hanging on to it.

My payment came in where I wanted 499 + 20 for lease protection, can’t complain. I was literally in the dealer for 30 mins. Like I said I would’ve had a lot of extra fees on the infiniti so I ran with the 499, there was room to haggle down, but was worried they would try to give less for qx60.

agreed they rly are underrated

That is a nice looking car ! I had a question for you on Infiniti lease. I thought those could only be sold to Infiniti/Nissan/NMAC dealers. How did you sell to Dodge dealer ? Did you buy from Infiniti finance first ?

He sold it to South Shore which like AutoNation has a Nissan dealership.


Yep spoke to dealer after, they have i affiliation with nissan.

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