Signed: 2025 BMW iX New, 12% off 93k MSRP, Base MF, Effective $774

Northern California

-premium package
-air suspension

93K total; hard to find this combo, didn’t need bigger wheels/sport, and my wife is all about the massage seats even though I see no value there. :slight_smile:

We increased the MF 40bps but also increased the sales price discount…effectively it is 12% reduction in MSRP. I threw in 7MSD.

Additional considerations:
-I also don’t have to pay disposition fee on my prior lease and get back a few hundred since i’m under the mileage.
-2% cash back on the DAS amount

-I don’t see any 2025’s in marketplace and 2024’s are 10-11% off but with lower MF (.0005 vs .00065). Not like my last 2 unicorns but those were loaners and this is new.
-I rolled the dice when all the EQS deals were happening in March/April and lost out. I also rolled it again by not pulling the trigger on a 2024 in May but didn’t lose huge.


Congrats! Enjoy

Just a note here. You have been super helpful to me and this forum in general. Would love to do a deal together next time!

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Anytime my friend!