Signed: 2024 Toyota bZ4x XLE AWD - 175/mo, 0 down, 36/10

I’m in MA. Wish I could get one……

There are a few discounted Limiteds still on lots in MA. Something like this is doable in MA CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR

Effective around $250 a month after state rebate with around a 4k discount

Happy to direct you to a dealer via PM where I know they’ll be open to discount. And I’m sure anyone with remaining stock will be looking to move these if they turn into pumpkins on 4/30 at midnight and rebates change.

What state are you in?

:point_up_2::point_up_2: In case it was missed.

May I ask which dealership you got this deal from?

OPs dealer has nothing on the ground. That’s the case across the state (unaware of any discounted XLE). Potentially last day so worth trying for a Limited if that’s of interest as that you can probably find and get 3-4k off.[]=toyota&maximum_distance=100&models[]=toyota-bz4x&page=1&page_size=100&sort=list_price&stock_type=new&zip=01778

Which dealer is this ? I was told the the same promotion is being extended till end of May. But I dont see it on the toyota website anymore. It does say * $16,250TFS Lease Subvention Cash incentive. But it does not convert to $199 anymore. Could someone check and clarify in the forum pls ? @sds

Most dealers aren’t doing deep discounts anymore as inventory has sold a lot compared to last month. For those that may have one left or incoming, they’d be only 1-2k off of sticker if that.

Early April 3-5k off msrp was possible

The original post only had less than $2,000 discount. Is MF or residual changed in May?

Any similar deals in Oregon?..prefer Portland, OR. . If you know, please let me know the dealership name too. Thanks

Is this still relevant for MA?

Rebates are the same but discounts are much harder to come by. And inventory is sparse.

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Any restocks on this deal ?

Nope. Anything inbound or by some miracle on a lot won’t be discontinued heavily if at all as long as rebate is around.

Dealer in NorCal has 3 coming up just in case some one is interested

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Which dealer?

You want for yourself ?