SIGNED: 2024 Polestar 2 LRSM with Pilot pack. 27/10K. $54,550 MSRP, $525 + tax, 0 down, 1317.04 DAS


My first lease. P2 LRSM with Pilot pack. Vehicle MSRP is $54,550 with $10,000 incentive.

I could have gotten a lower monthly $460 (pre-tax) had I opted out for the excess wear & use waiver which costed $1,599. Contract says I can ask for a refund on this within 60 days, but I’m being a bit cautious for my first lease but let me know if this isn’t worth it at all. I think I’m a decent driver but know enough that I’m not the most careful driver.

MSRP: $54,550
Adjusted Cap Cost: $47,144 (44,550 + 1,599 + 995 acquisition fee)
RV: $34,211.7
MF: 0.00057

Not an outstanding deal (didn’t even get to the double digits Leasehackr score) but I’m happy with it. Photos are coming, I haven’t had the time to drive it to where I want to for pictures :smile:

I just put a down payment on a 2024 DM Magnesium with pilot, plus and leather.
MSRP $64,150
27 mos lease
12K miles
$1500 DAS
Took advantage of Costco discount of $2000 (available until end of July)
Will also apply MSD which will lower even further

My 2021 Launch Edition is same build.
That lease was:
$1500 DAS
15K miles/yr
39 month lease

New Polestar 2 should be coming in early June :smiley:

Cancel it.

Yeah the more I look around the more I’m thinking of cancelling it.

Anything I need to keep in mind throughout my lease to avoid the headache down the line? I actually do not know if I will need a new pair of rear tires by the end of my lease. But even that costs less than half of the waiver.