SIGNED: 2024 Lucid Air Touring AWD - $603 PA Tax included, $0 down, $1761 DAS

Just sent you his info, feel free to reach out with any questions.

Sure, sent as a DM.

sent you a dm as well sir

@jessherman here’s the details

Hey guys, I am missing 2 referrals to get HQ experience. Please use my referral code. If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to answer, and I can also share the contact of a sales manager who did an amazing job with all my referrals.

Referral code C2U2TS0J

Can you share your contact

My contact is not giving any deal

Hey! Tim Lucid +1 (401) 854-6460 my referral code C2U2TS0J

Good luck

Hey all. I test drove one today. Very impressed. I’m looking to get a Fathom blue, pure. Is Tim the guy to talk to? I’m in NY.

The interior was very nice, the ride was exceptional.

Thanks Mike

Yes, call him or text, don’t forget my code :technologist:

Hi Mike,

can i ask what options/equipment your car has?

Hi Mike,
Can you share the information for your lucid rep. Is it still possible to get this deal with $0 down at this time for the touring.

Mine basically the bare bones air touring, no options.

Thank you, Mike!

Like the bare bones, I hope there will be one soon.