SIGNED! 2024 Lucid Air Pure | $496.18/mo | $1,500 DP - MSRP 75K

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I’ve just signed a LUCID AIR PURE lease using the US$ 5,000.00 discount for “available now” + $750 discount for referral. Those are my final numbers:

Term: 18 months
Allotted mileage: 10000
Est. Payment (incl. tax): $496.18/mo
Due at delivery: $2,259.53 (Including tax + first payment)


Where is this deal?

Its gone now

I was on the other topic and see there’s “surreal sound pro credit” and “ev credit”. Do they still have thos?

The Surreal Sound Pro Credit was only on the 23 models

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Can I ask if the amount due at delivery, $2,259.53, includes the $1,500 down payment?

In this case, the DAS includes the Deposit + Downpayment + some fees.

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Thank you~