SIGNED! 2024 Kia EV9 Wind - $65.7k MSRP - $52,235 (Sale price) - $564/mo - 24/12 - $0 down - $585 DAS


Want to thank all of you for the information, past and present. This is my first lease and I’m feeling pretty good about it.

Title says most of it but here are the final details:

EV9 Wind - Pebble Grey
$65,735 MSRP
$7500 credit
$6000 discount
$52,235 sale price
24 mo, 12k lease
$564/mo lease payment

Dealer doc fee, other fees rolled into lease

Paid the first month’s lease payment and the title fee ($21) at the dealership. $0 down.

Residual: $43,386
MF: .00084


Congrats on your deal. I updated the title to include the MSRP of the vehicle.

Where in Tennessee

Great deal! Congrats!! We are really liking our wind as well

Unless, I missed something there was no mention of the vehicle being purchased in Tennessee.

Yes, sorry not Tennessee. This was in Idaho.

Is this awd? ID tax included?

Yes, and yes.

Let’s see some pictures! Congrats!

There she is!!



Awesome work. I want to try and grab one of these.

Theyre fantastic vehicles

Great deal! Wish the Wind trims came with a surround camera option.

Great deal, car looks great!

Yes, Land/GT but at that point GT offers a lot more features that it doesn’t make sense to get the Land trim.

I just picked up a GT-Line yesterday.
If anyone is interested in an EV9 lease in TX, I have a broker.


Post your deal! I want one but in Cali


Please Send over the brokers contact information

Same! Just got a wind (will post deal soon) and this is my biggest gripe. But don’t think it’s worth $100-150/month to me.

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Land is the better play this month. If you get a dealer to play ball on discount it’s not much more then a Wind. Last month the Wind had nicer discounts. I think Kia is trying to move more Land trim this month.

Anyone know what a good target discount on the land trim would be? I’m in Ohio and looks like the Land gets $8,300 lease cash and another $1,500 vin specific discount.