SIGNED: 2024 Honda Odyssey EX-L - $41,000 OTD

Was able to snag a 2024 Odyssey EX-L for the wife after her last car got totaled. Probably still some meat on the bone (really wish I was able to get the mudguards and wheel locks off but didn’t budge/ offset with discount) but overall felt pretty good. Had all the dealer junk already installed (tint, ceramic coat, wheel locks, and mudguards). Local dealer as well which was nice (wife was not looking to drive with me anywhere to pick up). In and out in an hour - all negotiations done via text.

MSRP: $42705
Discount: $3600.01
Rebate (Honda Financing - 3.9% rate): $750
Sales Price: $38354.99
Mudguards: $243
Wheel Locks: $195
Total Purchase: $38792.99
Admin Fee: $899
Tax (NC): $1213.26
Tag and Title: $94.75
Total (OTD): $41000.00


Nice deal. Congrats!
Possible to share the dealer info? I’m in Charlotte.

Excellent deal considering your constraints!

What’s a $900 admin fee?

This is a purchase not a lease…there shouldn’t be an acquisition fee

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I assume that admin fee is doc fee

That is correct.

2020 EXL w/RES/NAV covid lease here ($0 down/$455/month) turned buy in 2023 when comparable Odyssey’s were almost double, to now paid off as of last month. I love having an Odyssey in the garage! I live in AZ and had the windshield ceramic tinted and it has made such a world of difference. Enjoy your new van!

Do you remember how dark you went on the windshield tint? I’m not nearly as bad as AZ but we have sustained 100degree days and I park in the sun

It is 50%. Just make sure to use a high quality ceramic tint. I used XPEL Prime XR. Has made such a huge difference, especially on road trips.

Did Honda offer $750 incentive cash on a purchase ? I only see $750 available on a lease on Honda’s website.