SIGNED! 2024 Honda Accord Ex Gas | $335/mo, 36/10k | $998 DAS | SoCal

Firstly I wanted to say thank you to everyone who frequents these forums. The information we’ve gathered here is superb and something that goes far and above what a free service should offer. This one definitely isn’t my best work but given the state of the market I felt I did alright.

Here’s the breakdown of the lease:

2024 Honda Accord EX Gas - Dark Blue
$31,055 MSRP
$2,000 discount
$1,750 incentives
$998 Due at Signing
$29055 sale price
36 mo, 10k lease
$335/mo lease payment

All fees and taxes were covered in DAS and the rest rolled into monthly.

Residual: $18,913
MF: .00131

Link to deal and calculator: SIGNED! DEAL | LEASEHACKR

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Congrats on the new ride!