SIGNED: 2024 Genesis GV70 EV Advanced | $69k MSRP | 36/7.5k | $0 DAS/ $451 a month including tax

April 30, 2024 deal. Not sure if I filled out the calculator correctly, but 36/7.5 at $451 a month including tax with $0 DAS. So essentially, lease is only 35 payments of $451.


Congrats! Post pics when you get a chance

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Just posted a couple of pics.


That sounds like an awesome deal! Congrats. Love the GV70


Congratulations on scoring an awesome deal on a non-demo GV70. Would be great if you could share your reference sales contact if they are willing to replicate as i can jump on this.

Out of curiosity, does Genesis finance offer one pay like Hyundai?

Yes, it’s a -0.00090 adjustment to the MF.

where’d you get this? i’m interested if you can share your contact

The dealer didn’t want me to share their information. I think the keys to the deal was that it was the end of the month and to find a dealer willing to use $2k in a discretionary rebate that was in addition to the manufacturer incentives. A couple of the dealers I contacted told me that they could use it on my deal while others claimed they didn’t have the discretionary rebate or that they already used them on other deals.


Thanks for the clarity. The $17K lease incentives + $2K dealer cash + $4K MSRP discount helped to accomplish this quote.

Lease a 2024 ELECTRIFIED GV70 ELECTRIFIED AWD AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION AWD(U04E2AEZ) for $439 per month for 36 months with $3,999 due at lease signing after $17,000 EV Lease Bonus. Excludes registration, tax, title and license. Closed end lease for 2024 ELECTRIFIED GV70 ELECTRIFIED AWD AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION AWD(U04E2AEZ) available from 5/1/2024 and 6/3/2024, to well-qualified lessees approved by Genesis Motor Finance.

Current 2024 GV70 EV lease cash, MF, and residuals…

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Do yo know how long can a lease be typically extended? 13 months seems perfect to try out the car

Is that quote specific to you from a dealer? It looks like an ad from a particular dealership or a national ad.

I’ve seen in a Genesis forum that people are saying that you can extend 6 months with a 1% lowering of the residual. But I haven’t confirmed that with a Genesis finance representative.

except for having to pay a full year of registration to only drive another month.
13/27/39 month leases should be abolished

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This looks like an absolutely beast deal! Congrats.