Signed: 2024 Genesis GV70 EV - $69k MSRP, $499


Just scored what I think is a solid deal on a '24 GV70 EV Advanced.

MSRP: $69k
Selling Price: $67.2k
Incentives: $19.5k
Monthly: $499.00
DAS: First month’s payment of $499
This includes VA taxes and fees, which always cause the deals to be worse here.

I’m not sure where the extra $2k in incentives came from up from $17.5k that’s shown everywhere, but this is the only dealer that would add that on, so I figured it was worth it compared to the lesser dealer discount.

There was likely a small amount of room still left in the deal $10-15/month, but I’ve been shopping for a deal for a month now and just wanted it over with.

Signed Link


I’m seating at $530 with $530 due at signing in Florida. I would have jumped on that deal of yours in a heartbeat. Congratulations!

Whoa! Crazy, can you share what dealer? Hate VA taxes (and annually property taxes) with a passion

Yea, I can DM the sales rep - he said it was likely repeatable, but maybe not the exact numbers (close to it though - likely within $15/month).


For starters, taxes and fees vary by state. However, if you look at OP’s calculator below, their numbers after taxes are pretty close to yours.

Congratulations on a great deal! Sent you a PM.

Let me know if you can PM your sales rep. I would like to see his #s for someone in NJ there is no EV tax here and they trying to over charge people lol