SIGNED: 2024 Dodge Hornet R/T Plus 24/5 151.46/month with 151.46 das

Good afternoon, sharing a deal I got in Washington state. First this deal was on the only one they had marked at 40,999 on their website. The rest are around 45000. Originally the MF was marked up but was able to get the base mf. I don’t drive a lot so I chose the 5000 mile a year option. WA state also has a sales tax exemption so my final payment is around 142 a month after I submit a request to have my taxes refunded to department of Revenue.
Deal details:
24m/5k miles
Sale price:40,999

Here is a link to the calculator: CALCULATOR | LEASEHACKR


Nice deal.

Great deal - $9,500 (Sfs 6500,2000 lease loyalty and 1000 tdm ) what’s sfs and tdm

TDM is a 1000 rebate(there are multiple threads on this) and sfs(stellantis financial services) is the ev rebate which was higher than Chrysler Capital.

If you dont mind sharing, which dealership were you working with?

I talked to them yesterday. They aren’t doing any deals like the one they did for me. The sales manager that did my deal left on Sunday. Their current pricing is 44999 so it should qualify for the state ev tax rebate of 15000, which can lower your payment.

You may have some equity on this car right now. If this is the case You can sell it (SFS allows selling to 3rd party dealer) and get another one. LOL.