Signed: 2024 Cadillac Lyriq Luxury 1 RWD, $10,200 OnePay , 12k 24mo, NorCal $426/mo with taxes

I have never struggled to find dealers who knew how to find a car that had an eligible rebate the way that I did with the Cadillac Lyric. More than 6 dealers told me they had cars that would have the 2XCCR Cadillac lease rebate on rear wheel drives only to get numbers back that didn’t have the rebates. Add this to the quoted programs that were no where near what was actually available from Cadillac. It was amazing how most dealers could not properly put together a one pay lease. It was a struggle all the way to the Happy Ending.

With the help of the forums and several who provided tips I was able to secure my wife almost the exact car she wanted. She settled for A RWD Silver LUX 1 right off the dealers showroom floor.

Rebates were critical as we got $8500 in total rebates(Costco, Educator, CCRX2, Conquest) and $4000 off of MSRP from the dealer. In the end our $10200 One Pay nets out to what would have been $388 per moth + tax for our 24/12 lease. We couldn’t be happier with our NET $426 a month payment over 24 months.



I am also looking for something like this but for lux 2. Could you DM me which dealership this was.
I am also from Nor Cal.

Congrats on finally being able to put one together!

Thanks Matt

I just got this from my local dealer. What do you think? Are there things on here i can negotiate further? I was trying tk score the Base Tech RWD deal but dealer says they dont have that trim. Thank you

I would walk from the tint package - $2600 in pure garbage.

I would also ask for the money factor to make sure they arent marking it up. Varies by area but should be around .0028-.0029. You can confirm in the edmunds price paid forum.

once you have that run the deal through the calculator on leasehackr


The $2593 in tint is taking over 1/2 of you discount off. If you are in Texas you should chat with @ChevyGuy


Is that a broker?

a dealer that has a big thread on the site.

Congrats! Was talking to fremont cadillac last weekend and they really suck at customer service. Would you mind sharing a few norcal dealership that you had good experience with?

Sales guy came back with a revised quote. This time they threw in another $5k to cover the add ons. According to him they are not supposed to do that so that quote will still show it but the added $5k discount will cover that. I still feel like the monthly payment is still high. I told him that, and he is asking what my budget is.
These are my thoughts
If i get them to go down on the monthly payment to a comforbale place, I feel like this car will not hold its value and i will eventually have to hand it over or renogiate something within the same ballpark. I would like to lease something that will at least hold some value to use towards the next one and i don’t think this cadillac can do that. Am I overthinking? Thank yoj everyone

If you’re leasing, why do you care about the future value? That’s Cadillac’s problem. When leasing you need to only focus on the deal at hand now. Not the car’s future value. Cadillac is inflating the residual value on these cars to make them lease at a lower payment to help drive sales. Residual Values don’t always have any correlation to a cars actual predicted resale at lease end. Captives manipulate the RV all the time to help drive payments up or down depending on supply/demand.

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That seems low, even for a loaner. What’s your hesitation?

Only one color, with the base model. Looks like someone else got the better model for the same cost? $10000 total cost for a 2 year lease . Never gotten a lease before so good to know it is a great deal

That one car sold out, no other similar deals

That is a solid deal - If you want to sweeten it I would suggest one pay if you can

That deal is gone, the new deal is $5k down and $397/month for a 24 month deal. For a level 1 luxury. This is not a loaner, brand new.

Can you post the deal sheet or enter the info into the calculator?

Didn’t get a deal sheet. Will ask for it,