Signed: 2024 BMW iX 50 | $95095 MSRP | 36/10 | $763/month | $6363 DAS ($5600 MSD + first month)

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I picked up a 2024 phytonic blue BMW iX over the weekend at a Maryland dealer, but I live in NJ and registered in NJ (no sales tax for EVs):

MSRP: $95095 (sport, convenience, driving assistant pro)
Discount: 11% off MSRP → $84,634
Incentives: $9900 lease and $1000 OL Code from UDE
MSD: $5600 (new MF: 0.00027)
RV: 53%
Monthly: $763
Due at signing: $5600 MSD + $763 first month
Term: 36 months / 10k miles


Congrats on the new ride! Post pics


Welcome to the iX club!


Congrats! I purchased one as well. In general curious about your decision to do maximum security deposits. Looks like at the current rates, you save about 2.75% on your money, I’d imagine you can get far more tossing it into any low risk index fund or even cd/long terms savings account.

Was there a particular reason you went this route?

Not sure you’re calculating the return correctly

When I did some rough math, it was about ~$50 cheaper per month with max MSDs. So I saved about $1800 over three years by putting down $5600. I can’t do better in a high yield savings or money market account.

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I think your decimal point is off by one.
MSD ROI (simple) is usually 28-32% on iX’s.

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You’re right, at first glance i was thinking he’s saving a few points on 5600, in reality he’s saving about 1% on $50k over three years. The average index fund is around 10%, so you’re even there, but you’d be net negative after taxes. Perhaps I need to rethink my MSD strategy!

What are you talking about?

He laid out $5,600 to save $1,980.

That’s not guaranteed though.

If BMWFS is AA rated you’d need to compare to a similar credit.

Yes, which if you read my second comment, I acknowledged and admitted my math mistake. Thanks

Apologies, I was still a bit confused by your reply.

All good! I had a complete brain fart and was calculating interest on the $5600, not the total amount paid in the 3 years.

What are the current incentives on the IX?

Can’t get over the beaver teeth grille.

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Great deal before sales tax rules change in NJ.

0 down too …. How lol. I just went to my local NJ bmw dealership and they are asking 5k down 858 a month 36/10. The sticker was 96855 9900k bmw corp incentive and 4k from the dealership incentive residual of 53 and Mf .00109. Numbers add up but not what I’m looking for based off your post and local brokers. Didn’t include msd yet on what they offered but still no where near what you got!

That looks like it could be the buy rate 0.00069 MF marked up by the (internet-reported) max of 0.0004. But I see postings for CA MF listed at 0.0005. :thinking: (Calculated the MF before MSDs from the linked Calculator)

Is the MF regional for the iX?

In March, .00069 was the buy rate in Maryland and New Jersey. So this wasn’t marked up by the dealer. I believe it was .0005 in California at the time.

Congrats! I just got the exact spec with black on black last week. Mine is ~20$ more than yours with the fee paid upfront because I do not have the UDE OL code. I have been at UDE every year but missed this year due to a rescheduled meeting. Such an expensive meeting. :rofl: