Signed! 2024 Audi Q4 E-Tron 50 P+ w/ Black Optics, $542/mo, $0 DAS, 36/10K

Hi All,

Thanks to leasehackr, I think I did okay on this lease and would love to get some feedback on this deal for a 2024 Audi Q4 Premium Plus w/ Black Optics out of Norcal. I got the 3 year Audi Care because of the 1% bump in residual and they gave me an additional $1,000 incentive to close.

Another dealer was willing to give me 11% off MSRP, but there was a dealer markup on the MF and no $1,000 incentive. This offer was $100 more over the life of the lease I signed.

Model & Build
2024 Audi Q4 E-Tron 50 AWD - Premium Plus w/ Black Optics
Exterior: Mythos Black Metallic
Interior: Black/Rock Gray Stitching
Additional Equipment: Black Optic Package, Audi Beam Rings, Audi Guard Protection Kit, Cargo Box
Includes 3 years of Audi Care

Lease Terms
36 months
10,000 miles annually
$0 Down
$0 DAS

The Numbers
MSRP: $64,040
Sell Price: $58,400 (8.81% off MSRP)
Incentives: $10,000 ($7,500 EV Credit + $1,500 Costco + $1,000 additional incentive)
Residual: 56% (includes + 1% bump by adding Audi Care)
Money Factor: .00033
3 years Audi Care: $1,049
No MSD’s

DAS: $0
Monthly (including 9.375% ZIP sales tax): $542


Congrats and post pics

Picture posted!

congrats, handsome ride!
edit: re-read the audi are incentive part, nice job!

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Nice! I signed on nearly the exact same equipment build/model, even down to the options.

The only difference is my interior is the Parchment Beige.

Closed my deal on February 29, so missed out on the Costco incentive by a day. :frowning:

Enjoy the new whip!

Thank you! I remember seeing your post, and it definitely helped me negotiate mine.

Hope you’re enjoying your car as well!

Awesome. Glad it was of use to you during your negotiations!

During signing with the finance office, did you opt for the complementary Electrify America home charger equipment option? Or the $500 gift card?

With my limited knowledge, this seems like a great deal. Congratulations!

The MF is so low I’m thinking it’s the buy rate. Zero drive-off means EVERYTHING has been rolled into the lease, correct?

I opted for the 500 gift card because I already have a wall charger at home

Thank you!

Everything was rolled into the lease. Initially, I was going to pay $1,400 DAS, but then I realized I could earn more by putting that money into a high-yield savings account over 36 months. So, when I had the choice, I opted for zero down at signing and took advantage of the low rent charge instead.


Well done! Looking to replicate here in TX. Fingers crossed!