SIGNED: 2023 VW ID4 Pro S RWD $51K MSRP - TX - 36/7.5K - $457/mo + $457 DAS

Model: 2023 VW ID4 Pro S RWD
MSRP: 51,101
Selling Price: 45,619 (12% off MSRP + $650 L2 charger dealer add = 10.7% off MSRP)
Incentives: 8500 (7500 EV credit, 1000 VW lease cache)
Terms: 36/7.5k
Residual: 55%
MF: 0.002
DAS: $457 (1st month only)
MSD: None
Monthly Payment: $457 (includes TX tax credit @ 1.25%)
Leasehackr Score: 9.5 Years

This was actually signed in October but haven’t had a chance to post until now!



Yeah it’s been great to drive. Not very fast but ride quality better than Model Y. The Travel Assist (ACC + lane centering) is way better than I’m used to. And a surprisingly large number of standard features. Software is laggy but not as bad as internet makes it seem.

The “Pure Gray” is one of the $0 colors too, no brainer IMO.

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We got the same one in October!

Congrats! We feel the same bout the software, it is laggy but man does the internet bash it worse than it is. We love the Pure Gray.


Congrats! Can you please share the dealer? I am in TX too and interested in this deal