Signed: 2023 Toyota Tacoma V6 4X4 double cab 36/12000 | $340.96/mo | $3000 DAS

Got a great deal on a 23 Tacoma lease. Everything I need (V6, double cab, 4x4) and nothing I don’t (flashy off-read features, extra electronics). I threw on some 265 Pirelli scorpion all-terrains with 90 pct tread depth on rims from marketplace that I bought for only $500. I’ll be doing another $600 or so in cosmetic mods that I’ll undo when returning. Should be able to sell stock rims and tires for at least $500. Photos before and after adding wheels. I intend the treat the truck terribly and never garage it, then return at the end of the lease.

My dealer, Suburban Toyota in Troy, Michgan, has like five more of these in stock.

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dont you have to return with original wheels? why would you sell the oem wheels

Sell the wheels new. Buy them used in 3 years. Base model wheels and tires are cheap and plentiful.


Next time do msds instead of down payment. Payment would be around the same and you would get the deposit back…

I did a comparison with MSDS out of Pennsylvania and the total cost was lower doing a downpayment.

Yes obviously. Not the point

Am I missing something? I did the calculation assuming I would get my security deposit back for the MSDS quote and the total cost including money down and total loan payments was lower with the downpayment offered by my dealer.