Signed: 2023 Pathfinder SL Boulder Gray


Lease deals are slowly starting to trickle in. The 4xe in the $400s present some value, QX80s for 18 months mentioned above aren’t bad. Basically any left over 2022s that still have support, along with some EVs. Worst time ever was roughly 12 months ago for a lease, so I’d say a hard no on worst time ever.


OP’s deal might look okay, but I hope folks don’t overlook the fact that this is a 15,000 miles per year lease.

Is there another time in history where base model Civics were sold for $3k over msrp plus 6.99% interest rates? I’d say by far the worst since leasing was introduced, and selling since the 80s.


MSRP (or even above)was a thing for years, invoice pricing didn’t exist and interest rates are still historically low. Just look at 1990-2010 aside from the 1980s.

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