Signed: 2023 Pathfinder SL Boulder Gray


$580 a month nothing down. Pretty straightforward. They did take a trade for my Infiniti Q50 lease that was like 6000 miles over and I somehow landed equity in the deal.



Should have looked in the marketplace…:slightly_smiling_face:

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Congrats on the new ride! Couple things to point out for anyone trying to replicate

Well you put your equity down. And doesn’t seem like you made a real effort to maximize said equity. You seem surprised that you had any equity at all.

$700/mo seems like quite a bit for a Pathfinder SL to me…


Money factor seems high. And what year was infinity

The money factor is on the higher side, but that is buy rate. Nissan/Infiniti love to exaggerate the RV’s but make up for it in rent charges. It also heavily encourages that the vehicle will be returned at lease end.

The main thing (regarding the lease itself) is that the sales discount isn’t great in this instance. Also as @max_g had mentioned above, it makes me nervous as to what would have been possible with the trade equity…


Infiniti was 3 years old and had 53,000 miles on it. I really do not think i would have gotten equity out of it from any other dealer. I went back to the Infiniti dealer and they would only give me the same amount as my payoff. The discounting off MSRP was terrible here in Ohio. I couldnt get any dealers to budge. So yes if i did not have that equity the car would have been around $690. MF is exactly what i got off of Edmunds. Leasing is terrible right now.

$700 for a pathfinder. insane in the membrane


Yeah me too when the Q5 and X3 exist. If you need a 3 row I guess it is what it is but I enjoyed driving one about as much as I enjoyed a rogue rental. It’s no bad for a pathfinder though, only slightly more than a broker quoted.

For 3rd row and ~$700/mo, I’m driving a loaded QX80. Much nicer vehicle IMO, more presence, and literally over double the sticker (but we never correlate that to a “good” monthly payment with a high MSRP, right? Looking at you Mercedes jellybeans). Yeah, insurance is typically higher on the whale, it burns more fuel, yada, yada.


Are the QX80s still leasing well? or did those die out too

That’s the fancy Armada right? That thing is HUGE. I don’t think it would even fit through the entrance to my parking garage. I was looking at a Titan deal, but I KNOW that won’t fit without even measuring.

They’re arguably one of the best deals for a large luxury SUV with a V8. They’ve been leasing well for quite some time.

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No, the Armada is the cheaper version of the QX80 LOL. The QX80 had the throne well before the Armada was introduced as what it is today. The Armada was refreshed to mimic the QX80; it wasn’t the other way around.

Yes, they are big vehicles.

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If the OP had a Time Machine back to February, he’d be driving a Pathfinder SL for half the QX80 TCO.

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We would be here for weeks if we play the would’ve/could’ve/should’ve game. That isn’t true at face value either, OP could’ve very well signed this exact deal back in February. There is a difference between what is possible and what was actually accomplished. We both know this, as we see it almost daily.

I’d take the time machine back to before COVID began and I’d have more money than I could care to count. Forget the cheap Pathfinder. :laughing:

Another thing to consider is equity on a leased car. NMAC wont allow a trade at any dealerships other than Nissan or Infiniti. So my “equity” was only good if i stayed within the family. I originally wanted the Qx60 but they were ridiculous about it. $3500 down and $925 a month was “best they could do”.

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$580 per month all in, plus the equity for his lease is not very good at all. Do people realize that it is the worst time in history to lease or purchase a vehicle? But I guess if you can afford those payments and think you got a good deal, I guess that’s all that matters. That vehicle should be no more than $400 per month all included.


Should I ride a bike?

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In “history”? How old are you?

Lease? Maybe. Purchase? How so?