SIGNED: 2023 Nissan Murano SL AWD $400/Mo $1006 DAS (1st payment + fees)

(The calc does not line up perfectly with the deal but in the end - we got it done)
MSRP $47,450
Selling Price: $43,416 (8.5%)

18 months/10k miles

RV: 88%
MF: .00275
(confirmed by Edmunds)

DAS: $1006
First Month Payment ($400) + Fees

Acquisition Fee: $695 - capitalized (I asked for upfront but honestly don’t care)

Dealer + Gov fees: $606

They also honored a quote from Carmax to buy my 2020 RAM lease and I cashed out for $7200 after they used a portion for the DAS.

So I essentially walked out with nothing out of pocket and 17 months of $400 payments.

This car drives exactly like my 2017 RX 350 and I absolutely love it.


Congrats and enjoy your ride! Thanks for sharing. Also please consider adding it to SIGNED! database.

Can you share the dealer info? thanks