Signed: 2023 Nissan Frontier S 4x2 $33,960 MSRP $262/mo, $262 1st mo. DAS, no tax

So I needed a second vehicle for commuting to work and I was debating whether to buy a cheap used car or finding a cheap lease.
I have been keeping an eye on used cars locally but unfortunately where I live the used car market is something I’d rather stay away from.
I had read about Nissan’s high residuals and decided the Frontier would fit the bill perfectly (for the right price)…
I work nights and on my way home there is a Nissan dealership so I decided to stop by and check their Frontier inventory. They had a decent selection but I was mainly looking for a crew cab in the S trim which is the base model.
I was looking for a 4x4 only because I knew they had a 99% residual. Unfortunately the only 4x4 S models they had were the smaller King cabs and that wasn’t gonna work for me. I did find an S model Crew cab but it was 4x2 so I busted out my handy dandy Rate Finder leasehackr calculator and found out the 4x2 is also 99% residual, sweet!
At that time the dealership was still closed so I went home.
After a couple of hours I send a text to my salesperson that I had talked to a couple of weeks prior. I let her know that I was still interested in leasing a frontier so she got back to me with some numbers. She somehow knew (without me telling her) which truck I was interested in. Lol
I didn’t like the numbers and told her I was looking to get 3% off. She asked me where I came up with that number so I sent her a screenshot of a competitor’s advertised discount on a similar truck.
There was a bit of push back from her, but by that time I was also talking to the other dealership about the advertised truck (2023 Frontier s 4x4). After going a bit back and forth with both they were both willing to give me the same deal but I decided to go with the 4x2 because I prefer the color of that truck and of course because of the lower MSRP = lower payment :v::grin:
I did encounter a little bit of funny business at the dealership when they first showed me the numbers, I let them know that I wasn’t playing games and had already discussed everything via text. At that point I was ready to walk out but the sales guy said, “Oh, sorry sir I forgot to put in the 3% discount.” :roll_eyes::person_facepalming:

Anyhow here’s the numbers:
MSRP: $33,960
Monthly: $261
Due At Signing Including taxes, fees, and any security deposit.: $261
Term: 18 months
Mileage: 10,000 miles / year
Effectively Total cost of lease divided by the total number of months, after accounting for all rebates and incentives.
$262 /mo.
Leasehackr Score Number of years it takes for the effective monthly payment to reach the MSRP. The higher the score, the better the deal.
10.8 years

Purchase Price: $32,941 (3% off MSRP)
Residual Value: $33,620 (99%)
Money Factor: 0.00334 (8.02% APR)

I forgot to mention the truck did have a few options:

I could’ve easily done without the carpeted floor mats since the truck came with all weather floor mats and the step rails are useless with a truck this height.:roll_eyes::point_up_2:



these trucks are one of the rare bright lights in the leasing landscape right now.

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Excellent deal Nelson and congrats. You will enjoy it.

So you paid no sales tax on this? Did they have some sort of tax credits? I know folks in TX generally pay full sales tax on the lease of the vehicle .

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Yes that is correct. I’ve been fortunate this year since looking for a Wrangler 4xe and stumbling on this forum. I got in the game a bit late but I’ve still managed to lease 3 4xe Wranglers, 1 4xe Grand Cherokee and now a Frontier and all had Texas Tax credits which made these deals even sweeter and I made a bit of bank too! :raised_hands:

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I am unable to message you because your profile is private.

Hello Nelson, I have sent you a DM, Please respond when you get a chance.

Never thought I’d see a RV higher than the purchase price.

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