SIGNED: 2023 Nissan Ariya ENGAGE FWD- $88.80/mo l $88.80 DAS- $45K

I talked with a lot of Dealers near me and not of them willing to do a good deal until i found one in San Antonio, TX we start dealing for a Adventure + but they sold it so then they only have a Engage one small battery but for the price was fine and we just gonna used for commute, so the numbers are

MSRP: $45,085
Discount: $4,486
Sale Price: $40,599

Rebates: $15,600

Ariya 2023 Customer Cash: $2,000
Select Summer Bonus:$2,000
Loyalty: $1,000
2023 Ariya Lease Cash: $7,500
Ariya 18 Months: $3,100

DAS: $88.80 first payment only

Monthly: $88.80

They told they can’t give Sale Tax Credit if I get the Rebates so, since the price was lower than a $100 i didn’t want to push to much, hopefully i did well because is my first lease, and first time negotiated a lease.


Nice deal! Enjoy your Ariya!

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Congrats on the new ride!

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I mean… all I can say is - effing mint…


Great deal! I have been talking to dealers all over the east coast with zero success yet.


the only concern is you’ll forever be chasing this acme on future leases :slight_smile:


I need advise in charging an EV went your out of home because if the prices that i see it are normal there no different between Gas vs EV only the payment but if any one know how to do it the right way i appreciated

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Thats a bit high in my experience, I usually get $0.52/kwh for fast charging stations

EA in CT chargers $0.64 per kwh

It will be a bit tedious (and perhaps there’s a better way), but you can go to Google Maps and search EV charging stations, and get a quick idea of the prevailing providers in your area (I see more than one of each from ChargePoint, Shell Recharge and Blink near where I am right now).

You can then see what each charges in your market by looking at their respective web sites.

PlugShare will show you the free ones, but IME they’re sparse and when you find one, they’re very slow.

Wow incredible deal!!

@elias86 I am also in Texas and interested with the deal. Any chance you can share your dealer contact?

Can you install a level 2 charger at home?

Will be much cheaper and pay itself off over a few years.


Acter doing days of research i literally gave up on any idea of getting an EV, i searched out entire maps in my area and found out that most are level 2 and that the DC charging stations are extremely limited or are offline or having some type of connectivity problems, the infrastructure in my opinion is still weak and falling behind, i dont know what percentage of EV owners charge on level 2 vs DC, but after spending time looking into it, most people i speak to are staying very very far away from EV cars, most are going hybrid at the moment instead

Elias, were taxes separate or rolled in? Apologies if you already provided this, still trying to learn!

OP - great deal and congrats!

You need to see how much you’re paying per kWh. Like gas prices, every station sets and charges their own rates. $0.85/kwh is a total
Ripoff and they obviously don’t want you charging there. Peak pricing at most public stations are half that rate, if not slightly more.

You need to download PlugShare and pay attention to how much each provider (EA, Chargepoint, Tesla, etc.) charges.


Electricity with our provider in Columbus (OH) is only ~$0.07 a kWh, so we are charging the EV we have here in the garage when we aren’t using it… for right now in a 110V outlet.

We both wfh and the vehicle has ~300 miles of range, so it doesn’t matter if it takes 6 or 8 or 12 or 16 hours to top it off.

Plus we have another car.

Yes i already do that and if i Charge the car in my house is only like $6dlls for a full charge, and the car came with a Level 2 Charger Thanks.

the tax was rolled in

The only Down side of the small battery is that i only get 196 miles per charge