[Signed] 2023 Nissan Altima SL AWD 18 Month@10000 Miles $5460 one-pay

Altima SL AWD with 35900 MSRP.
91% Residual
6.95% Off
One-pay lease
0.00286 MF
10.x% tax rate

$5460 one-pay

Seattle Area


300 Lease Cash and 500 College Graduate Discount applied

Not bad $320 effective a month. Enjoy!


Thank you!
I actually edited the number from 5760 to 5460. It is close to 300 per month.
Not easy to find in the notorious WA car market.

Congrats. Great deal.
Your my inspiration.
WAs it hard to get this.
How much did he take off for one pay lease?
I think here they have a 625 leasing incentive.
can i call your dealer?
If not i will work it out with a dealer here?
your taxes are built in?
1st payment
what colors did you get
Thanks in advance

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