Signed 2023 nissan altima premium

best i was able to acheive after gazzillion emails and phone calls


Congrats! Post it in signed! Enjoy the car!

Your taxes are wrong for Texas (taxed on full sales price).

Honestly dont know how to put it in calculator
It was 1250 at signing 400 payment

Upload your contract to SIGNED!

Its on a usb stick in my office , will uploaded tomorow in signed

Probably L&M tax credits. I am more curious how the fees are so low? No title license registration doc fees? Just acquisition?

Just plugged the numbers randomly in the calculator to acheive the out of pocket and monthly payment i got, ill be uploading the contract today in SIGNED!

Pretty weak discount and considering you’re in TX and paid full sales tax on a $32.5k sedan on an 18 month term wasn’t a smart idea.

You’re paying close to $500 a month effective on a mid grade Altima fyi

It’s alittle late now though. Just enjoy it and come to ask first before signing next time.