Signed: 2023 Mercedes EQS 580 SUV Loaner | $587/mo after tax | 24/7500 | 10 MSD + 1st month DAS

Thanks everyone on the forum for the information shared. Would be impossible to score such a deal without those.

Car is a loaner with 3600 miles, $137k msrp with all the options I want besides 3rd row. Dealer is super easy to work with, no BS, no hidden fee. I was soft-hearted and opted-in for $1k ppf, otherwise would be $545/mo.



I am not in Midwest but willing to fly there to pick up car for this price. Lol
Can you share the EQE deal? Or dealership contact

Wow, congratulations I wished to find a similar deal in Northeast but it was impossible.

as others suggesting dealers are willing to do more discounts since this car will probably lose lease support soon.

Congrats and enjoy the ride!

Btw, if you worry about miles - it’s cheaper to pay the mileage than the residual penalty of prepaying miles, so just drive like normal.

Also, 3rd row is bad for tread life, since it’s such a heavy car, you’re probably better off without it. Now you can do rotations. Space back there is also small AF. If you didn’t NEED it, you wouldn’t have been happy with it.

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thanks! ye 3rd row is a bummer of this car. everything else is good.

I see others saying 2 yrs of free EA but my sales told me there’s 1 year of chargepoint.
Did they change it? Is there anywhere I can check this info?

Might be because it’s a loaner. The free EA charging begins when vehicle was put into service.

Do you have a garage/charger at home? You can buy a super cheap unit online to install if not, honestly free charging only really worth it if you are already there anyway.

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Oh and by cheap I mean buy the wallbox units off eBay (or I can sell you mine if you want, or some of the other peeps here) since they were giving them away free for Q1 EQS buyers. Don’t buy a cheap amazon one, wallbox quality is much better

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yes I do home charging a lot, but want to take advantage of EA when road-tripping.

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Congrats on the deal!! They are still giving out the Mercedes wallbox. Go get yours!
You should have the ChargePoint card that comes with the car, activate it using the Mercedes app. They should come with 2 years EA via ChargePoint.
Third row has decent space if you are not 6ft tall, the second row will have to sacrifice their space a little to make it work, used it once in 3 months.

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Did you end up having to go far out of area (ie fly/multi-hour drive) or was it more local?

Wait, they are? Thought it was Q1 only.

Just got my charger delivered for the Eqs I got last week. It came soaking wet tho idk if I wanna open it lol

Huh interesting. lol you’ll be fine I’m pretty sure it’s plastic wrapped

@fisher try this link maybe you’ll get a free one too

In terms of free EA charging though I’m fighting with Mercedes support on my 2 years, though not looking likely…

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it’s a local one.

What happened with the charging?
They activated it when it was a loaner?

Yeah, so unfortunately I only get 1 year + change of free charging instead.

is there a place you can check remaining free charging?
mine was not activated during loaner service but dealer told me it’s one year only…

Hi, I am interested in doing this lease deal, perhaps with a bit of a cheaper model, could you please let me know what rebates / incentives were applied and anything possible said to reduce the payments?