Signed - 2023 Mazda CX-9 Carbon AWD - $537


First and foremost, shout-out to @AutoNinjas and Nick in particular. Worked with me and got the deal done within 24ish hours. On to the fun stuff ( I apologize if I leave anything out ):

2023 Mazda CX-9 Carbon AWD

MSRP: $45,955
Sale Price: $42,280
MF: .00001 ( 24m/12k )
Conquest: $500
Added GAP: $850
DAS: $1,000
Monthly: $537 ( Lined up w/ calculator )

As a bonus, turned in my 2020 Accord for a $2,000 check back.


After a long long time I’ve felt like a lease posted on here has a decent payment when compared to the amount of vehicle for it, given how the market has changed in past two years. Thanks to that sweet MF I suppose.



I will mention that usually GAP insurance is cheaper thru your regular insurance.
Amica quoted us $31 per 6 months for a 50k MSRP.

Some credit unions also offer the product on a standalone basis (i.e., you don’t have to finance the car with them) for a few hundred dollars.

It’s worth a couple of phone calls to save $500 vs this dealer-sold product, although GAP is still not an insurance product I’d buy due to the impossibly tiny risk of losing a relatively insignificant amount of money, but value is a perception.

Why beat around the bush? GAP is a complete waste of money here.

Try to cancel it ASAP.

I think it’s virtually always a waste of money, but there is middle ground if OP is hellbent on having it… therefore the intermediate choice was offered for consideration.

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Not hellbent per say, but more peace of mind :sweat_smile:

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Def check with your insurance company for a cost on the gap though. It may be insanely cheap. I think mine was like 6 bucks per 6 mo policy…seriously.

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There’s hardly any risk here that you need to insure against.

What exactly do you need “peace of mind” about?

Trying to get this in SoCal , no success so far. 8% off MSRP is sweet with 70% residual and 0.00001 MF 24/12K

I am shopping same area. What numbers have you been getting so far? I am seeing a dealer group that starts with H and ends with O :wave:. Best I am seeing is 5% off

I have tried as well. Best I have at the moment is 7% off.

Can I ask the city of the dealer you’ve been quoted 7% off? And these are 2023 correct?

Please share your 7% off dealer. I can bite at 7%

Any luck on MSRP discounts in Texas?