Signed - 2023 Kia Niro EV (Wave) — $3,499 TDAS; $250/mo; 36 mos @ 10k miles ($46,110 msrp)


I can’t figure out how to use the calculator, but I can post the lease documents here if anyone’s interested or enjoys creating calculator links.

Deal includes $7,500 Kia cash and $2,500 from dealer. I negotiated this remotely and couldn’t get two other dealers to match it even though both were offering $3,000 instead of $2,500, so I just took the deal and signed papers remotely. I didn’t want to spend more time on it bc it was my 2nd new vehicle transaction in less than a year, neither voluntary, bc of two accidents by my kids.

Maybe I could have done better, but this is pretty good for a Niro with Wave trim and with not much effort or time on my part. Doesn’t have all-weather package, which I wanted but did not want to pay for on what is effectively a 3-year rental. It also doesn’t get really cold where I live. Most winter days are low 40s (F). Most importantly, it’s not the white colorway, which I really dislike.

Leased from Kiefer in Eugene, OR. Neither Dick Hannah in Vancouver, WA nor Weston in Gresham, OR would match it over phone and email, despite me sharing screenshots of the actual deal papers.