SIGNED! 2023 Kia EV6 GT-Line RWD | $55k MSRP | 24/10 | $61/mo | $1,468 DAS | Colorado

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I didn’t look at the Ariya because the good lease term is 18 months which is under the CO EV tax rebate 24 month requirement. So, I’m guessing that dealer is giving you the crappier term but still making the payment low via the rebate? Not my jam but good luck to whomever would like one.

I can do 2024 ev6 light awd 24/10 for $175/mo plus tags. 52k msrp.

Not as good as ops deal but it’s awd and not terrible at all. Colorado only.

Out of state is $430/mo. Shows how good the Colorado ev incentive is.

Thanks op for the data point got my dealer down in price!


That sounds good for a 2024. If there are any confused readers, mine was for a 2023 which has better incentives and money factor compared to the 24, especially the RWD trim. Glad this data point was helpful!

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Buyers help the brokers too. Anytime I see a great deal here I send them to the sales managers to show them what other dealers are doing so I can try and get better pricing for everyone!

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Does your dealer do one pay? Might be able to bring that down further for those willing.

Yeah they can. I just wanted to do apples to apples as much as possible vs your vehicle.

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Do you mind sending me an example too please.

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I DMed you an example.

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Hello Cranius, can I also have an example? thank you.

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