Signed! 2023 Kia ev6 GT-line AWD 24/15 $434 w/tax, $0DAS

Ad me to the list, too. Also in LA. Thanks very much!

Would like to know the dealership, for me I’d be looking for a Wind

Can I ask you for the dealership detail also?

Everybody prefer more discuss BMW neither topic’s KIA :joy:
Actually nice car! E92-E93 series the most beautiful, last truly BMW. I have a regular (328i) E93 as a daily driver. Each day doing work-to-home commute via winding canyon roads at Malibu. That car just made for it! Even has a more that 200k on odometer - I love to drive it! Checking a lot of new cars options - no one compare with my E93 )))

Would you mind sharing dealership/sales rep info?

Could you send me the dealer and deal as well? So cal area. Thanks so much!