SIGNED: 2023 EQE350 4Matic 24/10k - $645.02

What a month. Happy to be done tbh.

Had some help from a member here, thanks again! Signed Friday, delivered today.

MSRP: 91720
Selling Price: 78237 (14.7% off pre-incentive)
Incentives: 9250 (Fed EV + Penfed)

Base MF

$2700 acquisition, fees
2 MSD @ $700 each
$4100 total

$645.02/mo w/ 0% NJ tax

Sorry but not giving any details on dealer or region of dealer.


Love the color


Color is awesome. Sorry but what’s penfed?

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I just realized this is EQE! Great
Please do post the calculator if possible to show others whats possible.

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Thanks! Do you have to be a member before a certain time to get the credit, or can I sign up today and use credit tomorrow?

Also is there a list of manufacturers that honor the discount?

You need to be member for Penfed for 60 days.


Calc added!


Here is a resource:

It is not a discount but an incentive.

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Oh my word, primer gray here we go…

The Sandlot Wow GIF

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Why are the incentives lower than those of EQS?

EQE only $1750, penfed is model by model

Color looks great really. Congrats.

How much was it to ship back to NJ?

1 Like No waiting period if you join MBCA.

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This is not true…30 day wait period.

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Because mb isnt struggling quite as hard to sell these

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Here is what the fine print states:


There isn’t enough inventory for these either

Congrats on the deal!

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Great looking car and excellent deal! The EQE is at the top of my list.