Signed: 2023 E-Tron Premium Plus - $607/month $4.5K DAS

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Decided to pull the trigger! Now I understand what range anxiety is :rofl:
How did I do?


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whats the range on the etron. i remember reading somewhere it was on a list of worst range EVs you can buy today

Right around an epa estimated 225 but I believe the updated 2023 Q8 E-Tron Sportback takes it to 300.

Nice! That’s a juicy 15% off, mind sharing how you got that? Is that Audi VIP?

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Yup, the dealer gave me a 15% VIP discount


Is that something the dealer just applied for you or you had to mention and negotiate for it? Are you a celebrity? lol

What are $2685.84 in government fees? Did you include taxes in it?

Any reason why you didn’t do MSD to reduce APR?

Yes - I paid taxes upfront

I tried to do MSDs, the dealer claimed they don’t do MSDs anymore as a policy. They had a big shafu a few years back. Other dealers I reached out to would do MSDs but would not provide a 15% discount off MSRP.

In that case calculator should look like this.

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@metom88 This looks pretty good. A few questions if you’ll indulge me:

How much was your customer cash (and why did you do that, other than to lower your payment)? I assume about $2000? I figure the fees/first month payment/etc. comes out to about $2500 w/o customer cash, so curious about the breakdown here.

Was there really $15,000 in incentives? How? I know EV incentive from Audi is $7500, but I don’t believe this qualifies for the federal $7500 tax credit, so curious where the other $7500 came from…

As others have asked, how did you negotiate the 15% off VIP discount?

Why did you do 24 months? What would it have looked like if you did 36?

I’d like to replicate this in CA if possible - thanks for your help!

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My ‘customer cash’ was $7,500 + another $7,500 in EV Credits. Audi offers both and they are/were stackable for May. I’ve defined customer cash as incentives/rebates given by Audi to lower the cap cost.

My DAS breakdown = First Months, Doc Fee, Acq Fee, Gov’t Fees & Taxes upfront ~ 4.5K. Most of this was paid upfront to reduce the cap cost & rent charge (due to the high MF). The I should have left in the payments but ended up paying upfront.

I just asked for Audi VIP (From seeing a few forum posts) and one dealer gave it to me with no fuss.
I did the 24 month lease for a high residual value, but also, this is my first EV in 2 years I think EV’s will come a longer way. There is also no major maintenance that needs to happen before the 24 month/20K miles mark.

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Makes sense. Why is the $15k a “taxed incentive” if you know? Or is it untaxed?

State of IL has some specific laws (From my understanding) on how they tax Leases.
Tax is calculated on Incentives/Rebates/Customer cash given (not discounts) + Amounts DAS + Total of monthly payments.