SIGNED - 2023 BMW i4 35 - $499/month 36/10k $1766 down, 7 MSDs


Honestly, as sick and sadistic as this thought is, it is actually true. Despite the idiocy of my approach, I do generally get more satisfaction from a self-made deal versus taking one that someone else found.


He didnt receive a rebate from the federal government.




How many miles ?

Did you look at the original thread?

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Drives like a BMW sedan (which is a good thing). I previously had an i4 e40 and was concerned the e35 would be noticeably slower. I didn’t drive them back to back but the e35 feels just as quick as I remember the e40. I think you’re really just sacrificing range.


To the best of my knowledge, the i4 does not qualify for the $7500 federal tax credit in 2023 (nor do leased vehicles is my understanding). Would LOVE to hear this is not the case. And for someone to explain if I am mistaken. Thanks tons

Pretty much everything electric qualifies for the section 45 tax credit on a lease; that is, the lessor gets a tax credit and then may or may not pass on an equivalent incentive. BMW does pass it on with the i4.

As far as a purchase, it does not qualify for the section 30 tax credit that goes to the consumer.


The best part is that $7500 is the bare minimum credit that’s given to businesses. It goes all the way upto $40k.

There is no limit on the number of credits your business can claim. For businesses, the credits are nonrefundable, so you can’t get back more on the credit than you owe in taxes. A 45W credit can be carried over as a general business credit.

The vehicle or machinery must also either be:

  • A plug-in electric vehicle that draws significant propulsion from an electric motor with a battery capacity of at least:
    • 7 kilowatt hours if the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) is under 14,000 pounds
    • 15 kilowatt hours if the GVWR is 14,000 pounds or more; or

It’s glorious.

Or a monumental waste of taxpayer money!


I’d only clarify that it’s passed through on the eDrive35 but not on the eDrive40 or the M50.

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I only feel this way if I am not personally benefitting.

I view it as a way for me to recover some of my wasted tax money.


How are you benefiting from it? The lease credit is going to the companies not the consumers.

In the case of the i4 35e, I do benefit.

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Welcome to the Forum. I strongly suggest you read other threads on the Federal tax credits, the lease pass through, and the buyout options. Listing some interesting threads below that might help:


This seems like the type of deal that you can put on swap a lease and get out of easily if you stop liking the car

I’m assuming this standard deal includes down payment, right?

That’s just cap cost reduction.

Yes, but not thousands of dollars in taxes and fees.