Signed: 2023 BMW 330i - 549$ / 2K DAS

Ok so this took a while but signed on a 2023 330i
Was in need of a car and wasn’t even considering another BMW…but currently in a 50/50 situation for us to leave the country by end of year so the April loyalty programs combined with the flexibility of transferring a BMW lease made me bite the bullet. Would have preferred an X3 but the 330 will do the trick and I got an incoming unit that had very appealing specs (DAP, Premium, HK) and I got a decent local discount (around 9.25%) all things considered.
I initially was getting into a 5 series but even with a higher discounts and lease cash (got close to 12% pre) the higher MSRP and upcoming launch of the new model made me go for the 3.

I still think these payments for a 330 are not very good but I guess things have changed…my last 3 series was a 59k 335 leased in 2013 and effective payment was the same as this current car.

I also wanted to acknowledge @HersheySweet for endlessly helping me make the right vehicle decision with “our not knowing where we will be in a few months” situation.
Hoping we will celebrate his next great hack in Abu Dhabi if we move there.

MSRP: $50,720
Sale price: $46,020
Monthly Payment: $549
Drive-Off Amount: $2000
Months: 39
Annual Mileage: 10k
MF: .00125
Residual: %57
Incentives: $1000

for some reason I couldn’t match the calculator


Congrats on the deal!

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I did but had to edit…did it not show up?


That’s basically an auto-reply to increase awareness of it. I’m sure it shows up

Me thinking you actually cared about me signing a new car.

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Does the $2000 include your first months payment? Is this tax in? Asking because my wife has basically the same car and sticker price in a 2020. $419mo - 36/10k with 1st payment down. Taxes not included. End of year deal!
Completely understand that was almost 3 years ago. Just trying to gauge how much difference there will be when trying to get into another lease. She will have a little equity to put down hopefully.

yeah I believe taxes+1st month in the 2k - everything else rolled in.
Unfortunately things have changed but may still get better as the year goes by…

I like this guy. Comical replies and a blue on brown car. What more could one ask for. :grin:

Congrats on the new ride! :+1:t2:

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I had the choice between this combo and a cheaper (no Premium and no HK) Jet black on Tacora.
I always wanted a red interior but really happy with this combo which it seems has your approval.

I actually really like red interiors as well - probably one of favorites. The blue/brown combo is difficult to beat though…and you got the more loaded car. I’d say you did well.

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My impression is that 330is (and compact luxury cars in general) have not any equity during the last few yrs. But hope springs eternal. :slight_smile:

Congrats. Looking good. Love the interior

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What I actually meant is your sales/county tax in your payment? Example 7% added on would increase your payment approximately $38. I like the color combo. My BMW X3 is jet black with cognac leather.

Congrats! Happy to see you finally got something. I LOVE this color combo.

.00125 was for last month tho, loyalty lease MF for this month on 2023 is .00145, so maybe that’s why you’re having trouble with the calc as you mentioned.

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Thanks man for your advice as well.
Well I put the application in time for April programs/numbers as my loyalty was expiring and looks like i did well :slight_smile:

Ah, very nice! Wound up working out well for you having an app in.

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I’m not sure when they updated it, but the current 330i is actually really nice

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Nice deal!

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