Signed: 2023 Audi Q4 e-tron 50 Prestige - 66K 36/7.5K CA 499/month 3800 DAS

I was exploring the Q4 e-tron lease for a month and my first time negotiating a lease deal. Thanks for all the info, deals and offers shared by the leasehackr community, I had a fair idea on the discounts and incentives. Went to the dealership to checkout the car and got an offer which is better than I ever got over phone and close to my target and signed the deal.

Signed! 2023 Audi Q4 e-tron 50 Prestige
MSRP: $66,815
10% discount

Additional add-on:
Paint protection Package ($774)
Audi care 4 years($1099)

RV 58%
MF 0.00280 (quoted) - 0.00235 (with 10MSDs)

Incentives 13500 (12500 + 500 for paint protection + 500 for 30bps MF bump)
36 months/7.5K per year
463/month + Tax (or 499 with tax)
8800 DAS Including 10MSDs (5000)

Not able to get the calculator to show the monthly payment with all the incentives and Audi care. The rent charge seems to be the variable. Can someone with more experience review and suggest the changes?

Planning to buy the car at some point, so took 4 year Audicare (899 - 2yr, 1099 - 4yr). The service at 2yr intervals seems to be expensive with brake fluid and heat-pump refrigerant flush. I was surprised to see the buyout quote online that states I don’t need to pay the pending rent charge for the remaining months if I buyout the lease.