SIGNED! 2023 Audi Q4 e-tron 50 Premium Plus 430/mo(+tax) with 3k DAS 36/7.5K Audicare (9.5% off)

Took a while to get to this deal. Some dealers/brokers didn’t believe me when trying to match/beat the price. Deal was signed mid-month, which is something I avoid doing to get the best price, but other lease was up so had to make a move.

MSRP $62405
Discount 9.5%
36 mo/7.5k terms
DAS $3000


  • EV credit 7500
  • Audi cash 3000
  • Costco 1500
  • California rebate? 1000.

Added Audicare for 899 that resulted in a 1% residual bump

Overall, very happy with the car and deal.

Calculator link:


solid deal , congratulations .

Thank you! and thanks for taking the time to try to work something out last week when I had called.


My Pleasure, too bad i dont have enough cars to hack this month

Awesome deal. Looks like dealers trying to clear out the 2023 Q4s to make way for the 2024s. 2024 Q8 etrons have been hitting the lots with big discounts already.

Nicely done. I agree you could’ve gotten more off, but it’s a fair and solid deal that lands you at a great price point for a good car. I actually grabbed the Q8e today and will post my details later!