Signed! 2023 Audi e-tron GT Premium Plus - One Pay - 12/7500 - $11k


Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2023 Audi e-tron GT PP+
MSRP: $ 114,165
Selling Price: $102,748.50 (10%)
Monthly Payment: N/A
Drive-Off Amount: $11,356 (One Pay)
Months: 12
Annual Mileage: 7,500
MF: .0026
MSDs: None
Residual: 68% (67%+1% Audi Care)
Incentives: $12,500 Audi
$7,500 Federal
$5,000 Costco
Region: Southeast
Leasehackr Score: 10.9

I’m not quite sure how to get the calculator to line up with a 1 pay for Audi, as it doesn’t seem to be an option.

They showed me buy rate MF on the computer (.0031) and then told me one pay was a .0005 reduction.

I’m not quite sure how the numbers work on their end, but overall the total drive off seems a little high to me. Maybe they ended up marking up MF again. Regardless I was happy with $946/mo effective payment for $114k MSRP. Full leather and executive packages.

Will not be supplying dealer info. I just decided to buy local to me and not cross shop any other dealers.



Congrats on the new ride!

I think that’s a great deal, congrats! I feel like a 68% residual is even propped up by Audi. It seems all these expensive BEVs have 1 year residuals more like 60% of MSRP than 68% hah.

I wonder how these e-tron GTs hold value… or if they’re also depreciating like crazy similar to a the Mercedes EQS.

BTW, what does Audi charge for miles? $0.25 per?

.25 per mile is what the papers say, I made sure to check that.

It’ll cost me less to just go over the mileage than to do a 12/10 with the residual reduction, lol.

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1 year used around 10k miles seem to be listed by dealers around the 60-70% range. Lots of lemons out there also that seem to sit in the 50-60% range. Seems like a smart lease and a quite risky purchase.

Audi’s done a phenomenal job with colors on these.

I’m not usually a red guy, but :heart:.

Agreed. Every color but the green looks great.

No performance package? The two things on there is what gives the car the fun stuff

Did you go via broker?

Nope, just my own deal worked over 3 days (really 1.5)

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I got a dealer that is willing to do 10% off MSRP, but they mark up the rate to .0035:(

What state are you looking in? How big is search radius?

My radius wasn’t that far out, around 100-300 miles. I called like 5 dealers and the last one was willing to do 10% off.
Like I said they marked up the rate, and my # doesn’t match which theirs, they must of added something to the deal. I walked in the end. I also asked to see the worksheet but they won’t provide them to me:(

I have been running into the same issue - super vague worksheets, weird things tacked on. I am about to abandon ship and get something else because these Audi dealers have been awful to work with.

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Damn, the dealer you are working with is worst than mine, the vehicle I was looking at has a MSRP of $125865, and they want $980 a month with $6499 das.
Sign and drive $0, it $1313

My advice is to just focus on the selling price to start. When they try to go off track just tell them all I need to know is the selling price before incentives as it’s just math from there (you can deal with the MF negotiations after you have a starting point)

Does that mean the residual is 68% of $114,165? So $77,632.20?

Thanks for sharing this. Many of the dealers want to pretend they are cutting MSRP but they are really adding the incentives and trying not to tell you. I have found a couple more gt’s I like fairly close by and will be trying to negotiate this week. So far maybe one dealer out of 10 has been reasonably upfront with pricing but it had red interior so I am going to sit that one out.

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Here’s another deal from a different dealer, from their quote, it seems the mf is marked up and they are offering around 9% off MSRP. Also they are giving me the full 27k in incentives:)