Signed 2023 Acura MDX A-Spec

2023 MDX A-Spec Lunar Metallic with Red Leather interior - One-pay lease.

Best I could do for this vehicle. Traded a 2020 RDX Demo lease for $1857 equity. Could have done better with trade if I shopped it around or paid it off and sold to a different dealer, but it was worth my time to do the deal in one place. Overall It is a pretty decent Effective rate for a nice SUV.

I had loyalty incentives of $1500 (national) and a regional $750 that I had to show the dealer. They called Acura and confirmed that it would stack.

I couldn’t get them to budge on the “Pro Package” (floor mats / cargo mat / wheel locks /etc.) and “Clear Shield” (protective stickers on edges of everything) that added $1490 total to the MSRP.

Good Acura value items:

  • AcuraLink services included for three years
  • Maintenance is now complimentary for two years/24,000 miles
    Dealer added one additional free oil change.


No pics? I want to see the Lunar / Red!

Not bad even with the mandatory accessories. Solid deal and good data point!

Wife is out yee-hawing down to Target. Will post photos later. :cowboy_hat_face:


What an interesting combo, outside looks ordinary and open the door and POOF, it’s racing mode!

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I’ve always liked these. Almost grabbed a 2021 Rdx a spec demo a few years ago but dealer wouldn’t budge from msrp

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Congrats and thanks for sharing! Enjoy your new ride.

I had a similar deal here in nor cali. 23 MDX A-spec w/ free protection package (wheel lock, mats, and cargo tray I believe). Got them down to $56K or so from $61,744 MSRP or so. $700/month after taxes with $4K down. 36 months 10K miles.

Not in a rush so didn’t pull the trigger. I’m gonna wait until the end of this year to see a deeper discount I bet. I’m looking to get at least $8K-$10K off while only downing $3K. Looking for a monthly around $500-600 instead.

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Did something similar last month. MDX A-spec. Got a selling price of $58500. They gave me $5000 trade in equity for my 2021 TLX lease. Roughly $640 a month with MA taxes. Loving it so far


2023 Aspec I was quoted sale price $58,450 and $815 for 36 mos 7.5k mi. 1000 (DAS) in eastern VA.

I what a $750 or less with $0 (DAS)

I know it’s hard to replicate these deals in Louisiana but my local dealer came back with 1100 pm first month due at signing. Needless to say I blocked their number