Signed 2022 Wagoneer Series II


What do you think fellow leasehackrs?
It was a demo with 2950 miles
First 500 demo miles are free so I was charged $.40 per mile for 2450 miles
This particular one only had two additional options; black diamond paint and passenger screen.
I’m from NJ and dealer in PA


Discount should’ve been a lot more than $5,000 for a demo.

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How does the $8K in incentives break down?

That’s what I thought. But couldn’t find any other dealer offering even this much. I checked all websites such as cargurus,, kbb, etc and reached out to so many dealers nationally. On the flip side I only qualified for $7000 in rebates. They added an additional $1000 rebate somehow.

Never mind I found the last $1000 rebate they gave me. It’s a regional northeast rebate. So yes discount should’ve been more for a demo ideally.

Thank you…I saw they bumped up the private cash to $1,500… nice for them to include it. Not a bad deal and probably could have done better but a grind to find one in metro NY area.

Limited inventory of Series II I’ve noticed too likely bc some incentives don’t apply to the series I like the private cash.

Enjoy the ride!

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From what I know none of these incentives apply to series I

Congrats on the deal. Post some pics.

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How aged was the unit you bought, or, if you don’t know, what was the build date?

Huh, that’s a low MSRP Wag… How did you find it. I thought all of them were pushing 100k.

Honestly, $700pm for a huge SUV doesn’t sound bad nowadays. I think suburban etc push $1k+

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Six figures is Grand Wag

The bummer is that this Wag II has Alpine audio (lol) and not McInstosh.

Grand Wagoneer pushes 100k. Wagoneer series II awd starts at 74k.

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Wagoneer starts at $59K

Alpine doesn’t sound bad surprisingly in such a large vehicle

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It’s good, but the McIntosh is FANTASTIC.

Almost leased one JUST for the stereo.

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Grand Wagoneer is certainly overpriced. I’ll go Escalade or Navigator at that price.

Yes, that is exactly why they are selling so few of them.

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Ok, ok :smiley: Not everyone at once. My bad. mixed up Wag and Grand Wag

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Build date is March 22

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