Signed - 2022 Traverse RS $579/mo $5,256 prior lease equity down

579/mo includes Nassau County 8.625% tax. No cash to dealer@signing effective payment $563/mo.

36mo/15k miles Traverse RS, 4k incentives (chevy $2k, loyalty $1.5k, educator $500). Lease Equity of $5,256. Calculator link below, couldn’t get it to do sign and drive but i did not pay the dealer anything @ delivery, just $579/mo for 35 payments giving effective $563 for 35 months. Far from an amazing deal but was able to reserve the car about a week ago and it landed this past friday, $1k markup and decent offer on the old 2019 traverse 3LT $35k for a car with an accident on carfax and 35k miles on it.

You actually paid $5,276 down for an effective payment of $708/month.

Why not finance the Traverse? A 72 month loan on $40,000 ($49,000 MSRP- $5,000 equity- $4,000 rebates) would have been ~$600 month and would have given you a ton of flexibility.


that’s an ok way to look at it, don’t want to own a car, market over next few years unpredictable and tend to have a few accidents on my leases which can really bang up resale price. Any other semi-local chevy dealer was at 32.5k and with no 3rd party buyouts i took it, add that i was quoted between $3k & $5k over msrp at several of the local dealers as well. Extension of the old lease would have taken me to $545/mo, now i’m at $563/mo with better equipment, a new car, and live to fight another day if market stays hot for another 3 yrs can try again.

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And if the market doesn’t stay hot, when you go to get out of this Traverse, you’ll likely be very underwater. It is too late now, so I guess just enjoy the vehicle. I can’t accept putting nearly $5,300 down to still pay $563, which is actually not your effective payment. You just signed up to pay over $700/mo for a sub-$50k vehicle, which was also marked up $1,000 nonetheless.


I think you’re in the wrong forum.


Not to harsh your mellow but a month ago i got a quote on a RS Traverse and was looking at 485/mo with only 1st month at signing, had you come and asked us before singing, you would’ve been better off but no matter what enjoy the car!

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