Signed: 2022 S 500 back in December

I picked up a 2022 S 500 back in December at Laguna Nigel. I paid an MSRP of about $134k. I didn’t care about the engine difference or the tvs in the headrest that the 580 offered. All the options, including the better audio system, are more critical. My payment is $2,023.00 taxes included.


Nice, what color is that?

Did you lease or finance?

Thank you. I wrap all of my cars. It’s a brushed titanium from Avery Dennison. Don’t use 3m wraps as they don’t show the detail as well. I leased at 48months. Two years I’ll go electric. I ordered an EQS but due to the chip shortage they couldn’t ship the car I built.


Nice car enjoy the ride. You think the engine is good or lacking for the body size?

Thanks. The S 500 is an V6 429 horsepower vs S 580 V8 496 horsepower. Of course I can break this down more, but you get the point. I’m in Los Angeles figure most cars don’t have that kind of horsepower so getting in and out of traffic isn’t an issue.

The actual key to this car not feeling it’s size is to get the rear-axle steering. Cuts down the turning ratio a lot. Don’t buy this car without it or you’ll feel the massive size. Long winded answer but the car moves.