Signed: 2022 Polestar 2 - $62,395 MSRP, $592/month, $5k DAS

Leased mine back in december, 2021 P2 Pilot and Plus packs. total was 64k including their dealer fees, 0 down, 39/7.5k ended up being $661 monthly including tax.

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Accounting for the miles and taxes (taxes and fees were around 4330 in Texas) it sounds like our payments are almost identical.

Max is always an angry poster and although he seems knowledgeable I don’t enjoy his posting. OP I apologize for him.

Not sure what that guys deal is.


Hey everyone, I’ve done a bit of research through the forums so I think I know the answer here but if anyone has definitive knowledge or suggestions would appreciate the input.

I just accepted a job in NYC so I’ll be moving from LA in less than a month. A bit unfortunate, given I just got my Polestar. I’ve read that VCFS does not allow lease transfers, does anyone have any recs on the most cost effective way to exit my obligation? I’d prefer not to take a massive haircut on a lease termination, but also not sure if a 3rd party buyout would be more expensive at the end of the day after taxes and what not.

Appreciate any input!

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Hey Aaron,

Thanks and sorry for the delayed reply! I ordered a pre-configured model online but I was already in touch with the dealer (as I was doing my diligence in mid 21’) so he made my life pretty simple on all the logistics. Zero negotiation is correct. This is my first EV, I was looking for something that was well built, on higher performance end, and aesthetically pleasing - the Polestar checked those boxes.

Volvo (so I assume Polestar as well) doesn’t allow lease transfer or 3rd party buyouts.

You have to buy it out and resell it. CA has a 10 day tax exemption so it maybe save you $$$ in the event you are under water.

There is some evidence from forum members who’ve had luck just calling Volvo financial and being able to get out of leases early without any termination fees. Probably because of the used car market and Volvo just wants the car back so they can resell right away.

My guess is that you probably can’t given this is a polestar, but wouldn’t hurt to just ask and explain your situation.