Signed - 2022 Nissan Murano SV - $425, 1700 DAS


How did I do on this? I feel like this was a pretty good deal for a 22 and I’m overall pretty happy.

there’s a trade in this deal, i’m fairly certain.

They gave me $1700 for my trade which was used as my down payment.

If you’re happy and the deal is done, that’s the #1 thing that matters. There are a lot of people in the greater NY area that are obsessed with the VQ-series engine in your car. Enjoy it!

good job, they are one of the best looking suv’s out there. how did you get 13 percent off

I previously purchased a Sentra and Altima from this same sales person this year. I was speaking to him a decent amount this past month. Last night around 6pm he called me saying they were looking to move a couple more to end the month and had this deal they could do. I had a QX60 that I had a lease buyout of $31000 or so and they gave me $1700 in equity in that which I used on the down payment.

What was your trade in? Condition, miles?

21000 miles QX60, good condition. One dent on door panel. Equityhacker offered me 31000 on it.

Ah, the QX60, yet another desirable VQ-engine car.

I think these VQ guys must just be out there everywhere, really paying up.

Check out the thread with the guy that got $8k for turning in his QX60.

Moral of the story: do not underestimate the VQ engine or the guys that like them

Congrats again, OP!

Please update your calculator to reflect the down payment. Were there any incentives included in the sale price? If yes, please separate it out.

$1700 equity on your QX60 lease?

I beleive it was reflected in there it might say 1900 or so i couldnt get it to properly put it in

Yes Equityhacker offered me about 1k in equity, The dealer offered me 1700 which was used directly as a down payment

Your calculator shows a $0 in the down payment section.

Does the drive off of 1758 not mean the same?

Nope. Those are two different things. Your driveoffs only include first month payment and upfront taxes (as shown in your calculator).

:point_up_2::point_up_2: Care to answer?

No incentives included in the sale. I did an adjustment on the calculator as best as I could im not too familiar with the calculator. The total drive off is 1700 however which is the down payment and first month i guess combined.

You can always post a copy of your signed contract with all personal info redacted.

Did You check how much of the equity You really have using the below links?

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Yes I have. Unfortunately IFS doesn’t give me much choice but to go through a Nissan Infiniti dealer. I tried equityhacker and got offered less then the dealer