Signed - 2022 Nissan Frontier S, crew, 4WD 5ft - $34,875 MSRP - $291 DAS - $291/mo

Pictures will be uploaded soon! Thank you as always Edmunds and LH forums!

Truck has the technology package, splash guards, and mats.

Calc link:


98% residual??

If true that’s absolutely insane.

If the lease matured in this current market, I’d absolutely believe that the truck would be worth 98% or more of MSRP.

However, in 18 months, I seriously doubt the car market will still be this insane.

That bank is smoking crack.

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Well if this is NMAC I suppose it’s possible that they know something about the next 18 to 24 months that we don’t know…

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I think it’s more likely that everyone at Nissan has been mentally incompetent since 2008.

Remember the Murano Cross Cabriolet?

Remember what they did to my boy Infiniti?

Remember the sloppy exploding CVT’s they jammed in every model?

I don’t think anyone, anywhere, has a clue what they’re doing in positions of power at that company.


Oh it’s quite possible that they are wrong. It just seems like an odd thing to do, the combination of very short terms and very high residuals. It’s as if they are banking on shortages continuing and a bevy of lightly used lease returns to help them get through. Will it pay off?

Yep, 98% residual over 18 months at over 5% APR, makes perfect sense!

Maybe their logic is it will be worth 98% of original MSRP in a year and a half because it will be considered a limited edition collectible and Nissan goes out of business in late 2022?

Who knows!


Maybe we can ask @Jeff_BeachCitiesAuto and see if this 98% residual can be confirmed.
If so, that $300 is basically interest and TTL.

Yes the 98% residual is real, so are 18 month Nissan leases :rofl: (we live in strange times lol)


Wow I didn’t notice the 1.5 year lease…wow.

What are the 18 month RVs on other trims?

Not a bad way to get into a car for the times, but also gonna have a high buyout. There’s gonna be no way to flip or dump for profit.

I don’t know if nissan is allowing lease transfers, or else it may be worthwhile to post on swapalease with a big down payment due? I’m sure most common people would pay a few grand upfront to have a sub-300 lease payment.

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This trim has the highest RV at 98%, most other frontiers are about 92-94% (18 month, 10k)

Any other Nissan model (car/SUV) with these crazy RV’s and short term leases?

Nissan in general is always on some kind of trip


I had a crazy frontier lease back in 90’s- It was a 12 month lease- but only $99 a month with a crazy residual and nothing up front.

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What about the frontier 4x pro?

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Wow…this is insane. Any idea if this is only NJ specific? Tried to search on nissanusa website but could not find any similar offer for my zip code in WA

Finally, someone had to ask.

It’s really where my question was directed. Just wasn’t as blunt.

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