SIGNED: 2022 Lexus RX350 544.59/month 0 DAS 4950 MSD

2022 Lexus RX350

$544.59/month (with tax)
9 MSDs ($4950)

MSRP: $47,485
Selling price without incentives: $45,985 (3% off)
With incentives: $43,485 ($1500 lease cash, $1000 college grad)


Great job getting them down below MSRP. Any advice on how your put that together?

Can you share what dealer / region?

How did you get them below MSRP? I have been working with so many dealers trying to get close to MSRP :sob:

Responding to general questions about how I got them to 3.16% below MSRP before incentives. Nothing special - standard LH strategy. I chose 5% before incentives as my initial pitch and sent it to most dealers in the SoCal area with the specific stock # at each dealer. The ones I worked with ended up playing the most game, so it worked out!

It’s doable - you just have to be persistent


You can also try using one of the many brokers on here that offer Lexus deals.


Nice . I am interested to buy rightout RX350 2022 Sport . No 4 cylinder junk .

It’s all 4 cylinder ya big

No need commenting and bumping a 1+ year old thread.