Signed: 2022 Jeep Wrangler Willys 4x4 - MSRP $44,205 - In-stock Deal

More “old-fashioned” in-stock deal making (without a pre-order) led me to settle on this Jeep Wrangler Willys 2-door. I know I could have done a bit better if I ordered, and waited, but I needed a car, now, and this decent optioned Willys works for my basic needs. Found this at a smaller, but well known, Maryland CDJR dealer, after getting frustrated with ADM and financing restrictions at NJ dealers.

2022 Jeep Wrangler Willys 4WD
MSRP : $44,205
Discount: $2,103 (FCA Affiliate Discount)
Incentive: $500 Penfed TDM
Purchase Price: $41,722 (5.89%)
DMV Fees: $100
Dealer Fees: $600 ($99 wheel locks - sigh)
NJ Tax: $2764
Price OTD: $45,186
Effective Payment:$430/mo

I intend to keep this vehicle for a maximum of 24 months, below I am comparing 84mo financing at 3.24% with a 72mo balloon loan at 3.99%. I am leaning towards the balloon option because total interest is around the same and I’d rather have the lower payments and equity in my pocket. Some one who has more time, and can order one of these at a bigger discount, could do even better with the balloon loan payment. I will note, Ally has a good lease program on this model – but who wants to deal with Ally.

Balloon Loan

72 mo balloon at $440/mo with $0K DAS
Keep it until 12/23 you will pay $440x18 and buyout for $39,820 (Interest paid: $2,553)
Based on Manheim results, you sell it for $40K.
Total cost of ownership is $7920, sale returns $180 in positive equity
Effective payment is $430/mo.


84 mo financing at $602/mo with $0K DAS
Keep it for 2 years you will pay $602x24 and buyout for $33,302 (Interest paid: $2,562)
Based on Manheim results, you sell it for $38K.
Total cost of ownership is $14448, sale returns $4,698 in positive equity
Effective payment is $406/mo.

Ally Lease

Window Sticker


What does the ccap lease look like?

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Just finance it and keep you options open. You may get lucky and the truck comes early. The wrangle has historically great residuals/resale, your getting the extra $500 from pen fed and a decent discount.

We weighed all the costs and just last month financed a 22 Rubi ice manual to play with.


The problem with CCAP is the residual is 6 points lower as compared to Ally. At 48 months it works out to $532/mo with $2252 DAS inc tax.

Fed choice is 3.14% @ 84.

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How long is that Ally lease?

Personally, I’d not be banking on a Willys holding 91% of its value 18 mos from now, nor 86% in 2 yrs. The market outlook is too unstable.

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You were able to stack affiliates with penfed? That wasn’t an option on Ram back in February.

I’ve never had a problem stacking.
One could have substituted Penfed TDM with Truecar TDM if not a Penfed member.

So which route did you take?

I am working with AmeriCu on a balloon loan, but they could not close in time, and the dealer would only hold the buyers order for 2 days, and I’m in a rental car right now, so I wound up just paying cash. I am hoping I can still get AmeriCu to originate the balloon loan and just reimburse me… I figure worst case I will restart the process, in a month, as a refinance.

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The lease price, what length and mileage is this based on? Can you show the calc for that please? We’re looking for an SUV

The Ally lease quote I provided was for a 48mo term 7500 mile allowance. It has a 61% RV and a 5.59% MF.

Getting ready to close on this balloon refi with AmeriCu.

$8500 down
$279/mo for 60 months @ 3.49%
$25,260 final payment.

At the end of 2023, I will have paid $1,734 in interest and have a buyout of $33,492

I know that 60 months goes against my own guidance but this is quite an odd term spread.

Is there any way to find out the residual value through americu? Il looking to calculate the payment on a jeep wrangler sport s