SIGNED!: 2022 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4xe - $71k MSRP for $452/month (36/10) & $1,271 DAS (Tennessee)


Options: Leather, Cold Weather, Towing, Dual Top Group, Safety, Advanced Safety, Sound deadening Headliner, A/W Mats, Gorilla Glass windshield, Body-color flares.

Gupton Deal…Thanks LH!
Ordered: Jan 17
Picked Up: April 1
Tread Lightly membership

MSRP: $71,020
Selling Price: $63,572
Rebate: $7,500
Monthly: $452.42


How do you like it?

The first word that comes to mind is ‘FUN’…its a blast to drive. I’m already pumped to bring the kiddos to their games this morning. It drives MUCH better than I imagine it would on the interstate at 85, and its the first vehicle I’ve pulled in the driveway with the kiddos cheering and wanting to go somewhere lol. This’ll be a fun one for a few weeks (red version with SOT comes in beginning of May, so this’ll find a new home shortly thereafter).


You are probably going to want to sell the soft top separately for maximum value. It will be interesting to see how this one does with such a high MSRP.

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Over $70k for a flip? Ouch. You gonna keep the extra top out of the deal?

EDIT: beat out by seconds by @RobC2 . Ha

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I’ll look into that soft top side-flip for sure. I actually walked this deal a few weeks ago when I ordered to a local dealer and got ballpark confirmation from him to expect above invoice offers from his team when I was ready to move it. I’ll report back on how that goes.

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What’s the invoice from when you ordered? Around $66k or so?

yea, 66 and change

I paid $700 for a soft top. There were a lot out there in the $1,000+ range.

Between my sister and I we are on 4xe number 4 and depending on the dealer they might not care if you have the soft top or the hard top and the hard top might be a better sell to sell on the side. Because the tops are so large it’s an item that really has to be sold locally, therefore the prices can change dramatically based on your area. My sister and I had similar builds except color and tops. Her hard top sold for 54,500, mine with a soft top sold for 55,300. I even had roughly double the miles on mine. If you can get similar offers on the Jeep with the hard top or soft top you might be better off selling the hard top locally.

Good luck, and let us know how the sale goes with the high MSRP.

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Can you share the calculator on this one.

If you want to exit before the end of the lease can you transfer it or sell it to a non- Jeep dealership without sales tax hit?

Transfe, no.
Sell to a 3rd party dealer, yes.

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For now that is. Gravy trains don’t run forever.

agreed…my flip-target dealer is Jeep, so that helps as a safety net…I can also get some offers from carmax, etc. to help get the best offer out of that Jeep dealer (would prefer to sell to them for ease of exit.)

Even in normal times Wranglers historically have positive equity at the end of leases.

Holding to term should allow for some back end equity.

Assuming the 4xe holds up as well as previous Jeep drivetrains and Stellantis doesn’t shut down 3rd party buyouts.

Lets not forget that stellantis doesnt have a captive bank. Chrysler capital is not owned by stellantis. Its Santander using the chrysler trade mark for a dba.


So the dealer gave you a ballpark buyout of over $66k on your build? That would be awesome, not just for you, but for many people on this site. It just seems wildly optimistic to me. Please keep us posted and if they are legit, ask them if they want to buy any more of them!

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The $7500 incentive. Is it supposed to be a taxed incentive or untaxed?

Depends on your state.