Signed: 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4XE Overland 39/12 $639/Mo


I was originally shopping for a Base with Luxury package but I wasn’t having any luck with the three dealers within AZ that had any in stock. I contacted my local dealer that is a large chain that had units in a neighboring state to see if they would work a deal and transport one over. The sister store didn’t want to do the transfer so I was out of luck on the base. I looked into other trims and realized that I might be able to make an Overland work that the dealer had on their lot. I was told by them that I had $16000 worth of incentives available to me on an Overland. They were offering a fair selling price before incentives so I went in to check it out to see how it compared to the Base that I was originally shopping for. The ride of the air suspension, the upgraded leather, and the McIntosh stereo is what sold me on that trim. I was trying to get a base for around $550 so I was willing to go a little higher for the Overland.

I ended up trading out of my '22 Rubicon 4XE with them giving me my buyout price of 51,800. All other offers were coming in around 49k so I was happy with this.

When everything was agreed to they realized that I didn’t qualify for the returning lease $2000 rebate. They just ended up giving me 53,800 for the trade since they said it was their mistake. Calculator shows $2000 trade in equity for this reason. They said it was better for them to add in trade equity rather than discount the new vehicle.

Overall I’m happy with the Overland. I would have loved a sub $500 lease but I’m good with this.


Stellar deal and not a day too soon since the $7500 just got slashed a few hours ago.


Congrats on the new ride!

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Congrats! That’s a good payment on an Overland. ATM the Overland trim seems to have the most incentives. Soon it will probably be the Summit/Summit Reserve.

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Details on this?

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Congrats on a great deal on an amazing car! I test drove one of these and they’re amazing

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I was checking last night and the 7500 was still there…did they remove it?

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Multiple sources are showing it reduced down to $3750.

Others are conflicting.

It isnt clear if the reduction went into effect immediately, if it got flowed out early ahead of a May 1 effective date, or if someone screwed up something.

Ive been trying to get some confirmation, but havent had much luck.





Nice deal! I bet the air suspension would have gotten in trouble.

Sharing the deal I was able to grab just yesterday, base model $382 effective.


What were the rebates? Those seem like a lot at 16k with returning lessee?

Plus the Jeep $1000 private offer

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Thank you. Some must be regional I guess. Tried to pull the trigger on 2 of them but usual dealer tactics. Thought with the weekend end of month they would be willing to let them go. I guess May will still have lease programs for 2022s.

Ok i have a deal for a trailhawk. Isnt buy rate supposed to be .00061 or .00187 with 6000k idl bonus cash?

.00061 is only for the base model. Trailhawk is higher and should be much higher with idl…

.00187 is the incentivized 24 month rate on a 23 model year if memory serves.

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Thank you. What about overland? I cannot seem to find the list for Aprils programs posted in here and I will not ask anymore questions? Its getting conflicting news with the incentivized rate abd idl bonus cash.

Sorry it is a 22 one by the way.

You get incentivized rates or you get idl cash (and only get if not using ccap) You do not get both.

The idl cash option inly makes sense if youre immediately buying it out or if youre in somewhere like Georgia where the taxes are extra bizarre.

.00144 on 24 month for a 22 overland for sfs, .00087 for ccap

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Thank you. I thought they were posted somewhere in one of the posts all the programs.