SIGNED: 2022 Jeep GC 4xe Base $443/month $1500 DAS

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Picking it up today. My wife missed her 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I found her a temporary lease on Swapalease 2 years ago, and promised her a Jeep GC when this one matured. Her current lease is a 2020 Cadillac XT4 36/10k $50k MSRP that we were given a $1500 incentive to take over. Payments were $399/month before incentive and we have an offer for $4300 in equity to turn it in. So that lease was $149/month net.

Her new 2022 GC 4xe deal is:
MSRP $63,955
Selling price $57,799 (9.63%)
Incentives $12,500
DAS: $1500 (taxes, fees, first month, $0 CCR)
RV: 58%
MF: .00057

@harrydogyo was kind enough to supply the $1000 Jeep Private Offer, but it conflicted with the Employee Purchase program, so the dealership gave me a further $500 discount. Doc fees are capped at $125 for EP deals, so if you have a friend or family member who can get you a control number, you can save a ton of money in states like Florida.

I’ll post some pictures once we pick it up. Hopefully this makes her happy for 2 years.


Congrats. Updated your title to reflect DAS.

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Nice deal congrats, share pictures.

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Does the monthly payment includes tax or is it pre tax payment?

That’s with 7% tax.

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That is an amazing deal, they really want that car gone…


so effectively $505/month

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With taxes and fees at signing, that is correct.